Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skor Cake

Whenever someone in our fam has a bday this is by far the most requested cake! Most of you have probably heard of/eaten/made this cake, but just in case there is even one person out there who has had to be posted!

One of Matt's employees (k one of my favorites ;) had a bday so I made her this cake! This one is for you Jeni Jo!

Not only is it THE yummiest cake but it couldn't be easier!

Start by baking a chocolate cake. You pick what kind...I always go for the triple chocolate, cuz hey, why not?!

Bake according to box. After it is COMPLETELY cool, use the back of a cooking utensil to poke holes. The more the merrier! Trust me, LOTS of holes ;)

Then pour and entire can of sweetened condensed milk. Make sure you let it pool in the holes, not just float to the outside. (This is what the holes are for you see ;)
Once the milk has set in, then pour a jar of caramel ice cream topping. Use the whole jar (yum I know) and make sure it fills in the holes as well!
Then take either a Skor bar and chop it up or use Heath Toffee Bits and mix into an 8 oz Cool Whip. (PS I have never tried with chocolate Cool Whip but wow, that would be fab). Then spread over the whole cake
There! Doesn't that look fabulous! Now we can't see all those holes hehe

Now normally all cake should be made, frosted and eaten the same day. This is the rule.

But with this cake, you should try hard to break the rules. In fact this cake is 10 times better on day 2 or 3 than on the day you make it. The cake just keeps absorbing the caramel and milk and it just gets more and more moist! It'll be tricky....but you can do it!

Happy Baking!


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Ah! Every time someone mentions "Better than... *anything*" cake, I always think of your delicious cake from so long ago. What wonderful memories :)