Wednesday, March 17, 2010

**French Donuts**

For family home evening this week I decided to try a new recipe that had been calling to me for a while. Who doesn't love donuts right? I only wish that calorie free donuts were available :(

So when I found this recipe a while back for French donuts and saw that they were baked not fried I got really excited.

Funny thing though...they are nothing like donuts. Nothing at all. Should have figured. French don't do anything the way we do right?

Nonetheless, they were super yummy. Although they are really more of a cupcake/muffin type ordeal, I decided to share the recipe because they were very moist and yummy. But no go on the whole unfried donut thing. Sorry :(

I started by creaming sugar and shortening together
Then adding just the yolk of 1 egg
(I just seperated my egg into a cup. You will need the white in a minute)
Then add milk, flour, nutmeg, baking powder & salt with your mixer. Dough is really pretty thick
In seperate bowl, beat your egg white with a mixer on high. This takes 2-3 mins
When it is "stiffly beaten" it will form peaks and looks something like this
Then fold your egg into your dough. Do not use mixer, use spatula

Grease muffin tin. Fill your muffin tins half full of dough
Melt 1 tbs butter in small dish. Mix cinnamon and sugar in a seperate small dish
Bake donuts for 20 mins. Then pull out and coat with butter and sugar mix
They pop out just like muffins. Doesn't that look good...although its missing something....
THERE!!! Drizzle butterscotch over the donut and a little extra on your plate (you'll thank me for this ;)
Mmmm yummy. Thanks to the French. They have donuts all wrong, but this recipe is still pretty good!!

French Donuts
½ C shortening

½ C sugar
2/3 C milk
1 ½ C Flour
1 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 egg; separated
1 Tbs butter
1-2 Tbs cinnamon/sugar mix

Cream shortening & sugar. Add yolk only. Add all else. Fold in stiffly beaten egg (see pic). Fill greased muffin tin ½ full. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Brush with melted butter and cinnamon/sugar mix.

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