Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pretzel Salad

One of my family's favorite Valentine's treats is pretzel salad.
It is really easy to make and super super yummy.

After crushing the pretzels, add the sugar and butter. Spread in the pan and press into every corner and flatten as best you can. I use wax paper to push it all into the pan.
Wah lah!
Throw it in the oven until its brown and yummy looking!
Let it cool enough to put in to your freezer and give about ten minutes!
The next part is just blending these 3 ingredients together!
Mix the cream cheese and sugar first, then add the cool whip!
After atleast 10 minutes of freezer time, smear the cream chesse mix over the pretzels.
Next disolve the jello in the boiling water all the way.
Then quickly add your frozen strawberries and some ice cubes. Put it in the fridge until it starts to set a little, then pour over the top. It will be ready in an hour...
Unless everyone get to it first! Sorry...that's not what the picture is supposed to
look like to show you how pretty it turned out! Obviously though, it is a yummy favorite!
 I guess you'll just have to trust me!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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