Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amanda's Rumbi Noodle Bowls

Recently a good friend of mine brought me lunch from Rumbi. Instead of my usual brown rice with teriyaki chicken, she bought me a noodle bowl. I will never look back. I was craving one yesterday and decided to venture out and create my own. It was equally as yummy and my kids were even willing to eat the veggies! ( I know right ;)

I started out with 1 lb of whole wheat spaghetti noodles. Cooked em, then drained em!

Then I added 1 zucchini and one yellow squash to 1 tsp olive oil and sprinkled them with Pampered chef asian seasoning, s&p. I think you could get creative and put any spice you like. I grilled them and set em aside.
Then I coated the chicken in the KC Masterpeice Teriyaki and cooked till brown. I prefer this teriyaki because it is thick like a dip, not watery like many teriyakis!
Then I just layered the noodles, veggies, chicken and poured some more teriyaki on the top!
It was so super yummy and took almost 15 minutes to make the entire thing! I love an all in one meal like this with carbs, protein and veggies! Yes it does taste better if you have these adorable pampered chef dots dishes. Just ask Matt...
I hope you try it and like it! It will be one of our new family favorites now!
Happy Cooking!

4 compliments to the chef:

Christee and Austin

So I think you need to create a blog called Wife School and post meals with step by step pictures of how to make it for me! Then maybe Austin won't have to do ALL the cooking! {Maybe}


Um I did post step by step pics babe hehe! I figure you know how to put noodles in a pot hehe! You gotta try this one though...its super super yummy!

Christee and Austin

I'm saying continue to make meals and put step by step pictures. I can't feed Austin noodles every day. Ü


I was a little skeptical of this one but I made it and loved it. Even my boys loved it. I think we will be having this one often. I added carrots to the zucchini and next time I think I will do more veggies. very yummy :)