Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Super Yummy...Failure

So I have been wanting to find something, anything in the dessert category that my little boy can eat. I found this recipe and completely altered it to match both what he could eat and what was in my pantry.
- - - - -
I think you will all be happy with this one! It is SUPER SUPER moist and oh so yummy! Plus as a bonus takes almost no time to throw together. It is perfect for the upcoming months as it is light too! I am calling it
Banana Bliss Cake
- - - - -
Ok let's get started
- - - - -
You can use any flavor cake mix you'd like. I wanted yellow but only had a strawberry so we went with that. Plus, bonus, strawberry cake is PINK
Make the cake mix according to box
Then grab a couple bananas. I used my super ripe ones so they don't get thrown out
And sprinkle them with 1 tsp of baking soda
Mash em all up really well
Then add them to the cake mix and mix WELL

At this point you can choose which type of pan to bake it in. I am sure a 13x9 would work great but I love circle cakes so I divided mine into 2 9" rounds.
This is always the hard part
Waiting for things to bake
Specially when they fill your house with the yummiest aromas
Here is the part where I learned a HUGE lesson grr
You can frost the cake with plain Cool Whip but I read a post somewhere that mixing pudding with it is super yummy. Unfortunately, I didn't think it all the way through.
Don't make the same mistake. Mix your pudding with only 1 CUP of milk, not the 2 it calls for. Then after it starts to set (about five mins) add the entire Cool Whip container.
If you don't...
This is what it looks like :(
Ok Ok
Super lame mistake
I promise though, it didn't taste like it looked
It was the most moist cake I have ever tasted and SO SUPER yummy
Just learn from my mistake...
And DIG IN!!!
So get using those yucky almost black bananas you know you either have or will have in 2 more days! It beats banana bread and shakes it up!

Happy Baking!


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