Monday, May 17, 2010

My Famous Yummy Rolls

Have you always wanted to make super yummy rolls but failed over and over...fear not...this recipe will save you! I used to be totally unable to make any type of bread other than banana which was awful. I threw in the towel and made Rhodes my friend for years. Then this recipe came along. It is easy and NOT ONCE have my rolls ever NOT turned out fabulous!

K You Ready?!?!?!

Start by mixing yeast, warm milk and sugar. Let it sit for about a half hour.
Then mix eggs, butter and salt into yeast.
Add flour
Mix well with a dough hook attachment
Cover with wax paper and leave it alone to rise
My recipe says overnight, which is best, but if its spring/summer and a little warmer a few hours is enough.
When it doubles or almost doubles in size, its ready!!
Then sprinkle counter lightly with flour and divide dough in two
Roll out each half into a circle like shape
Honestly, mine has yet to EVER look circular, and they still work ;)
I like to use a pizza cutter for the next part
Cut into 12 "equal" peices
Then starting with the bigger side roll them up!
Grease your cookie sheet well and put a dozen on each sheet
If there is time, I like to let them rise again for atleast an hour
If not, they are still big and yummy.
With the extra rising they are just a little fluffier
Then bake them at 350 and check at 10 minutes. Once they are slightly brown they are cooked so its just personal preference how long you bake them!
I like to brush them with butter as soon as they come out so they glisten!
See...easy peasy!
I know you can do these!
And a domestic goddess you will be!

Happy Baking!


Blue Ribbon Rolls
One .25oz package yeast
1 C Warm (not hot) milk
1/2 C sugar
2 beaten eggs
1/2 C (stick) melted butter
1 tsp salt
4 C Flour

In large bowl, mix yeast, milk and sugar. Stand 30 minutes
Mix eggs, melted butter, and salt into yeast. Mix in flour 2C at a time.
Cover with wax paper overnight
In the morning, divide into 2. Roll each half in a large circle and cut like a pie into 12 peices. Roll up like crescent rolls
Bake on greased cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes

2 compliments to the chef:

Mrs. Missy

I love, love, love these rolls! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Mrs. Missy

p.s. i m so thrilled to be able to leave comments today....having an awesome connection today. :)